Quarter Two, Week Three (Conjugating!)

Little by little, one travels far.

J.R.R. Tolkien

Our little steps are beginning to add up in Latin! We are making strides in our vocabulary study, our grammar, and our Latin songs.

We have mastered our first Latin song (“Somnium Fallit”/“The Cat and the Fiddle”) and are ready to move onto our second song. We only spend a minute or two on our songs each class period, but it is amazing what these students can accomplish through repetition! I love knowing that the language patterns in these songs are being fused into their minds. 

Students are all becoming very proficient in making flashcards now, which means they are able to make their cards more or less independently. Thank you for overseeing the students as they make and practice these flashcards, though, to insure that they are really internalizing the meanings and derivatives. Bonus: you get to learn Latin alongside your student!

By learning most of the vocabulary at home, we reserve class time to the development of higher-level skill development, like conjugating and declining, and helpful discussions about grammar. 

Speaking of conjugating, we began conjugation work in earnest this week, and the students are making strides! They have been conjugating verbs in Latin and English, laying a solid foundation for all future Latin study—or study in any language for that matter! As a reminder, conjugating is an essential skill that student cannot over practice. Expect much of the homework to involve conjugating in weeks to come. 

I hope you enjoy a restful and healthy weekend, and I look forward to continuing to work with your students in the weeks to come!

Magistra Hall

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