Quarter One, Week One

We have had an excellent first full week of Latin this week! We dove into material headfirst, learning many things.

All Grades

We learned our first Latin song (“Somnium Fallit”, which is the Latin version of “The Cat and the Fiddle” that we studied last week). Feel free to ask your student to sing it for you! They will likely still need the lyrics, but we are working toward mastery. Memorizing poetry in any language is one of the best ways to develop familiarity with grammatically correct, sophisticated, and beautiful language patterns. Students will have the lyrics to the songs that we learn in their minds to draw upon as they continue their study of Latin over the years. And maybe, just maybe, some of these scholars will share the songs with their own children some day. Songs have a way of deeply imprinting on our minds!

Also, we have begun reading a narrative history of Rome from the book “Famous Men of Rome”. We started, of course, with Romulus and Remus. The students were captivated. Since we cannot get in a time machine and travel to Ancient Rome, developing a familiar with the history and culture of the civilization through stories and other sources will help bring Rome to life.

Additionally, we have covered the following material in class according to grade level:

Third and Fourth Grade

We have spent the bulk of our time learning Latin vocabulary words and grammatical endings, and beginning our discussion of the attributes of a verb, and the process of conjugating (writing out all of the forms of a verb in a given tense). This is an essential skill that student cannot over-practiced. Expect much of the homework to involve conjugating in weeks to come. 

Fifth Grade

We have spent the bulk of our time beginning our study of the Cambridge Latin I course, by meeting Caecillius and his family. We read about the members of the household, the rooms in their house, and what went on in those rooms. We spent our time reading a story about the family dog, Cerberus, and his adventure in the kitchen with a cook who fell asleep on the job. In the weeks to come, we will be distilling vocabulary and grammatical information from the text, working on verb conjugations, and learning lots of grammar and endings. Homework will begin in earnest this coming week, as we begin to use flashcards and practice conjugating. 

I hope you enjoy a restful weekend, and I look forward to continued learning next week!


Magistra Hall

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